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Monday, 18 June 2012

Mexican Mafia Fugitive Caught in Tijuana

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A fugitive from Los Angeles, who is a known member of the Mexican Mafia gang, was apprehended in Tijuana this week. 52 year old José Luis Montellano was wanted with arrests warrants for armed robbery, bank robbery, and probation violations. Municipal police worked with the international department of the state police, as well as the U.S. Marshals, to apprehend the suspect. Montellano was found in the colonia Salvatierra, which is on the southwest side of Tijuana. He had been hiding in Mexico since at least January of this year. A Baja state police unit dedicated to capturing international criminals has been very effective in working with U.S. authorities. Multiple criminals have been captured in recent months. The Mexican Mafia is a dangerous gang that originates in U.S. prisons. Many sureño street gangs in Southern California and in the prison system work in coordination under the Mexican Mafia. The gang has been active in California since the late 1950’s. Montellano will be sent to the U.S. immediately to face prosecution.

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