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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Chinese woman gets death for infant trafficking

19:07 |

A Chinese woman, who headed a group which trafficked 223 infants, has been awarded the death sentence. Jiang Kaizhi, the prime culprit of the infant trafficking ring, organised a group of people to abduct babies in Yunnan province and sell them in Henan province, China Daily reported. Jiang would get about 30,000 yuan (about $4,700) for selling a baby boy while the profit for trafficking a baby girl was over 20,000 yuan, the court said. Thirty-five of her other group members were awarded punishment ranging from life imprisonment to a three-year jail term for abducting, transporting and trafficking infants. A total of 223 infants were sold by the infant trafficking ring. Police caught Jiang in last January during a crackdown on traffickers.

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