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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Alleged hitman not guilty but woman gets 12 years in prison for ordering her husband's death

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Charles Michael G.C. has served three years in prison on remand and has now been found not guiltyThe accused in court - EFE A 22 year old woman has been given a 12 year prison sentence for ordering the death of her husband with a hitman. María Dolores M., a lawyer from Ciempozuelos, Madrid, contracted Eloy S. to act as a mediator with the hitman. Eloy S. the owner of a private security company, has been given a 12 year six month sentence for his role, and has been found guilty of murder. However the man originally accused of being the hitman, Charles Michael G.C., and who would have carried out the killing of Miguel Ángel S.P., was found not guilty. He was released on December 12 after being held on remand in the Alcalá Meco prison since May 2008, accused of being the material author of the three shots which did away with the ex husband of the lawyer at garage of their home in Ciempozuelos in May 2007. The prosecutor had called for a 45 year sentence for the alleged shooter.

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