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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Milton Tyson stopped found with a van full of counterfeit merchandise, a small amount of marijauna and a loaded pistol.

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Milton Tyson, 39, of Harvest. He had been a special education teacher at Lee High for more than 10 years. Police arrested Tyson Monday not far from Lee High School. They say when they stopped him they found a van full of counterfeit merchandise, a small amount of marijauna and a loaded pistol. "This pistol we determined was on campus prior to us arresting him off," said Sgt. Mark Roberts with the Huntsville Police Department.Huntsville Police are looking at pursuing additional federal charges through the Alabama Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Police say Tyson did have a current pistol permit on him. "We're hoping that maybe the A.T.F. will come through on that because we don't feel that anyone should be carrying weapons on campus especially when they're involved in illegal activities such as this," said Sgt. Roberts.As for the counterfeit items:"We believe that he had a connection in New York. That he was having it sent through the mail, and we have records that show that he had been doing this for a long period of time. Maybe even up as far as two years ago," said Sgt. Roberts.
The bigger issue at hand. "We do know that students were buying from Mr. Tyson, yes," said Sgt. Roberts.And investigators say there may have been more people than Tyson selling the counterfeit clothing and tennis shoes. They could face charges too. If convicted, Tyson could face imprisonment for more than a year. As for his career at Lee High school, a spokesperson for Huntsville City Schools says Tyson won't be allowed back on the Lee campus. A decision on his employment with Huntsville City Schools will be determined based on the outcome of the criminal prosecution. Tyson is in the Huntsville Metro Jail being held on a bond of $102,500.

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