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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ashley Harrod high school secretary has been arrested for allegedly serving students cocaine.

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Bernalillo County deputies went to 21-year-old Ashley Harrod's northeast Albuquerque apartment Tuesday to serve her with eviction papers.New Mexico high school secretary has been busted for allegedly serving students cocaine. Inside they found Harrod and two teenage boys with cocaine on the table. Deputies also found four vials of cocaine and a glass pipe in the apartment. The boys told deputies that Harrod invited them over to get high at lunchtime. Sandia High School Students were surprised to hear an administrator was allegedly supplying drugs to students. "You'd think there would be some kind of hiring procedure to make sure we are not getting people like this, and it's a real problem and it makes teachers that are really good and really dedicated to their students, it makes them look really bad," said Dylan Waters. Albuquerque Public Schools officials said they put Harrod on paid administrative leave as soon as they found out about the incident. Harrod is facing contributing to the delinquency of a minor and drug possession charges along with two counts of child abuse.

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